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Wheelchair Lifts

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At G & J Enterprises in Billings, MT we know wheelchair lifts. Unlike some of our competetitors, they are not a sideline. Mobility is our specialty! Being true mobility specialists gives as huge advantage in both product availability and real experience. As your one stop shop for sales, installation, and service. We truly understand that one size does not fit everyone and our vast experience (we even have an RN consultant on staff!) in selling, installing, and servicing wheelchair lifts makes us clearly the best choice to help you make the right decisions about addressing your unique mobility needs.

Being a BraunAbility authorized dealer, of course we sell and recommend the high quality time tested wheelchair lifts from BraunAbility. Wheelchair lifts from other manufacturers are also available at G & J Enterprises. Some of the BraunAbility wheelchair lifts available include:

UVL Series wheelchair lifts from BraunAbility is the wheelchair lift for those who demand the very best. UVL stands for 'Under Vehicle Lift' and with the unique design of these top of the line wheelchair lifts the entire unit mounts under your vehicle. The under vehicle design means that your wheelchair lift remains out of sight and out of your way until it is needed. This translates into such benefits as easier ambulatory access and more room for both passengers & cargo. There is also a much clearer field of view for the driver as the lift does not obstruct the side view. Whether you are the driver, a passenger, or simply needing more cargo space for your other items, you will absolutely love the UVL Series wheelchair lifts from BraunAbility.

Vangater Series wheelchair lifts from BraunAbility feature a tri-folding platform which solves the problem of having both wheelchair and ambulatory access. In fact, with the vangater Series wheelchair lifts, over half of the van's side door remains available for ambulatory access when the wheelchair lift is in the stowed position! To deploy the lift simply touch a button and the platform unfolds to reveal a fully functional wheelchair lift in seconds.

Millenium Series wheelchair lifts from BraunAbility are marketed as 'the true workhorse' of the BraunAbility line. Looking for a strong, stable platform with years of time tested ability? Then you will truly appreciate these fine wheelchair lifts. A nice feature of these wheelchair lifts is the standard side-entry design which allows easy wheelchair access even in tight parking situations. They also feature integrated platform lighting, color coded control switches, and a hydraulic automatic roll stop for added safety and convenience.

Century Series wheelchair lifts from BraunAbility offer a well balanced combination of dependable operation and economical design. The dual hydraulic lift arms give you the performance and durability you would expect from a BraunAbility wheelchair lift while the simplified electrical system and non-hydraulic spring operated roll stop make it every bit as safe while being more economical.

Choosing the right wheelchair lift, whether from BraunAbility or another manufacturer, can be an overwhelming experience. Give us a call today and one of our friendly knowledgeablr staff will help explain all of the options and models and help you make the right choice for a wheelchair lift which fits your mobility needs and budget!

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