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Mobility & Accessibility Products

Vehicle hand controls, steering devices, and other driving aids such as spinner knobs, palm spinners, left hand gear levers, right hand turn signals, and others can make a huge difference for many people with physical challenges which reduce their ability to operate standard vehicle controls. At G & J Enterprises we have a wide range of available driving aides to suit your needs. From complete hand control systems to simple steering wheel spinner knobs (and everything in-between) we have the driving aids you need and the knowledge and experience to install and maintain them.

Monarch Mark 1-A hand control system from MPS. This is the hand control system which we most often sell and also the one recommended most often by rehabilitation driving specialists. It is simply the right choice for a mechanical hand control system.

This very smooth hand control system offers the most popular and most recommended method of operation. The smooth easy control allows for many miles of relaxed trouble free driving. To operate the Monarch Mark 1-A it is a simple matter of pushing forward towards the dash to apply the brake and moving the control handle at a right angle, toward the drivers seat, to apply the accelerator. It has been shown that these movements are less fatigue inducing. This design also allows for using the brake and accelerator separately or simultaneously for maximum driving control.

Installation requires only a minimum amount of modification to the vehicle. The controls may be setup for either right handed or left handed use and a automatic transmission is required. The vehicle must have power steering and power brakes as well.

The Monarch Mark 1-A features:

  • Large comfortable hand grip
  • Operating handle adjustment for maximum driver comfort
  • Adjustable mounting assembly for maximum leg room
  • Adjustable brake attachment rod
  • Universal accelerator attachment to provide proper leverage
  • Advanced accelerator return spring for free pedal movement when driven by others
  • Retains tilt wheel operation in most vehicles
  • Easily reinstalled to a new or different vehicle

Looking at the possibility of adding the freedom of a hand control or other driving aid system to your vehicle? Contact one of our friendly knowledgeable staff today for a free assessment and more specific information on how a driving aid might benefit you.

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