Ramps Billings MT

For some of us, a ramp can mean access. In public, ramps can mean access to businesses such as grocery stores and to outdoor spaces. At home, a ramp could mean access to home. And for someone with decreased or challenged mobility, a ramp could mean autonomy and independence. Imagine how a small ramp could transform a two-step entry. Imagine how a ramp can provide access to someone in a wheelchair or scooter. If a ramp would increase autonomy and independence for you or someone you love, here are a few of the options and styles that may help to increase quality of life.

Ramps Billings MT

Ramp styles include both portable types and solid types. You can purchase a ramp that can assist with the entry into a vehicle or a platform that allow access into or out from a bathtub. You may even find yourself surprised at the versatility of ramps. A single-fold ramp is simple to set up and take down. For entry points where a permanent option is not appropriate, a single-fold ramp is a quick and temporary option to increase access. Single fold ramps can also be easily transported. Even a threshold ramp that is installed with hardware can be set up and aligned simply, and, when it needs to be moved to another location, disassembled and moved. Most all ramps have a non-slip surface, so even when the ramp is left outside in the rain, it will not be slick underfoot.

If you have any questions about how a ramp or other device can increase autonomy and independence for you or someone you care about, then call the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises today.

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