Wheel Chair Users:

Did you know that it’s possible for a person in a wheelchair to operate a vehicle? It’s true. There are vehicles specially made for wheel chair users. There are a few mechanical ways it’s possible…

A wheelchair user can operate a vehicle directly from the wheelchair. The wheelchair user, sitting in his or her chair, gets tied down with special wheel chair tie-downs. It’s also possible for a vehicle to be converted or custom built to allow a person in a chair to transfer into a driver’s seat. Sometimes custom wheelchair accessible vehicles are operated by simple and intuitive hand controls, however, in cases of severe immobility, there are much more complex mechanical methods.

When you decide to purchase a new or used vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair user as driver (Either DFW—Drive from Wheelchair—or IT—Internal Transfer of Wheelchair User) there are a few logistical things to consider. The type of vehicle you need should accommodate both the user and the wheelchair. Headroom and interior room is often a consideration, especially in cases where the chair and user are large, tall, etc. Consider also how many passengers will be riding in the vehicle. What type of equipment will need to be transported. Will the vehicle be used to transport the week’s groceries? Will the vehicle be used to vacation? Where does the wheelchair user routinely drive? A large vehicle can be difficult to park in tight spaces; parking garages and other urban parking scenarios present certain challenges to both the parking of the vehicle and the maneuverability of the driver and his or her wheelchair. When it comes time to purchase a vehicle for a driver in a wheelchair consider all the options.

And if you have any questions about a new vehicle, or how to outfit a current vehicle with hand controls—assuming that the vehicle in question will accommodate hand controls and a wheelchair—then call G and J Enterprises today. The friendly, professional staff at G and J Enterprises understands the potential needs of a driver in a wheelchair.

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