Stairlift Safety and Built-In Safeguards

It’s a cause of concern: a power outage prevents a stairlift form working and you or someone you love is stranded either on the lift itself or on an upper level. Power outages are incredibly inconvenient, and they are unfortunately common and happen without notice. But luckily a stairlift won’t be affected; it won’t be affected in the least.

Because a stairlift has a backup battery that charges when the lift is stationary at a charging point and the unit itself is powered by electricity, and then ready to operate the lift effectively and efficiently when the electricity turns off. It would be nice if the other appliances we relied on had that kind of reliability. A stairlift will ensure that either you or your loved ones will be safe and living independently with the addition of a stairlift.

There are other causes for concern. A stairlift does have safety sensors that prevent the stairlift from colliding with an obstruction on the stairs. If there is an obstruction the sensors should notice it and it should cease the upward or downward movement of the lift. Once the obstruction is removed, the stairlift will operate normally. It’s always best to check the stairs for possible obstructions before ascending or descending on the lift.

There are numerous reasons why you or someone you love would benefit from a stairlift. Independence is one major factor when considering the addition of a stairlift. Also, the ability to entertain or even to care for others: a grandparent who wants to spend time with his or her grandchild might be limited in their ability to spend time with a child without a stairlift (It can be difficult for someone who has mobility issues to either carry or guide another person up or down a set of stairs).

If you have any questions about the potential purchase and installation of a new stair lift, or any other device that will bolster the independence for you or someone you love, then call the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises today.


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