Can A Wheel Chair User Operate a Vehicle?

Yes, it is possible for a wheelchair user to operate a vehicle. There are types of vehicles that cater to the disabilities of a wheelchair user, and make it possible. Driving is a right for everyone, and G and J Enterprises understands that right. Here’s how it’s possible for a wheelchair user to operate a vehicle…

Amazingly, there are vehicle components that make it possible to operate a vehicle from a wheelchair. In some cases, it’s possible because the wheelchair user’s chair gets attached to the driver’s area with custom tie downs. But it’s also possible with a special or converted/custom built device that allows the person in the chair to be transferred into a custom driver’s seat. And then the wheelchair user can simply operate the vehicle using custom and highly-intuitive hand controls. In cases when the wheelchair user has much more debilitating physical impairment, there are more complex mechanical methods by which the wheelchair user could operate the vehicle.

There are several things to consider when custom-fitting a vehicle to a wheelchair user. First, considerations should be given as to vehicle’s size. The type of vehicle you plan to use should, at the very least, be able to accommodate enough space for both the chair and the user. The second will be how much space will need to be made for passengers, and how much space will be needed to transport other equipment, and even everyday items such as groceries, etc.

If you have any questions about which vehicles are best-suited for wheelchair users, or how you might outfit a current vehicle with hand controls, etc.—as long as the vehicle in question will accommodate both a wheelchair and hand controls—then call the experts at G and J Enterprises today.

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