Activity Promotes a Healthy and Long Life…

For many, old age and retirement is the time when life is expected to be enjoyed to its fullest. It’s a time when there’s potential to do the things never done. Activities make us healthier; in fact, studies show that active older people live longer than their more sedentary peers. But fitness and activity are not everything: Older people who are active and who also have a positive outlook on their life are more likely to be more active and fit. But how can a person stay healthy, especially in these strange times?

Exercise doesn’t have to be the results of a gym membership. Exercising outdoors, or, when the temperatures push us all indoors this winter, exercise done in the house will suffice. For those unable to participate physically in moderate exercise, there are appliances to help. At G and J Enterprises you will find many that can assist you or someone you care about. For instance, for those who hope to get their exercise outdoors on the golf course but who can no longer participate physically, can benefit from a golf cart a scooter or a lift chair. It’s the balance of movement and interaction and mental well-being that all contribute to quality health.

And in addition to exercise and mental outlook, it’s also important to consume a quality diet. But for those with mobility problems, the kitchen can be a daunting place. Kitchens can be designed around the needs of the mobility impaired; mobility-assist appliances can make a real difference.  Kitchens can even be redesigned to suit the needs of the cook.

Autonomy and a positive outlook are incredibly important for everyone. If you or someone you care about suffers from impaired mobility and could use an assist to bolster their well-being and autonomy, then call the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises today.

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