Is a Walk-In Bathtub a Needless Luxury?

It might seem like a luxury to some: own a bathtub with a small door so that you don’t have to step over the side of the tub. But the truth is that a Walk-In style of bathtub can be an absolute necessity for someone who suffers decreased or limited mobility. And in addition to being an absolute necessity, a Walk-In style of bathtub is also very attractive.

There’s no doubt that a Walk-In bathtub makes bathing safer. A Walk-In tub has a door so you don’t have to step up and into the tub to shower. For someone with balance issues, or decreased mobility, the door makes the shower and bathtub a much safer place. And once inside the tub there are seats and handles. There is also a built-in handheld shower head. Consider how much safer a shower is without the threat of a step onto a slippery floor.

A Walk-In bathtub ensures that someone with mobility issues can retain their dignity. The bathroom can be a tricky place for someone with mobility issues, and to lessen the dangers posed by slippery bathtub floors increases autonomy and independence.

There are other health benefits to most models of Walk-In bathtubs. For instance, many models come equipped with therapeutic settings and hydrotherapy jets. The jets will help soothe aching or tense muscles, and improve circulation. Symptoms from conditions such as arthritis can be eased by Hydrotherapy.

If you have any questions about a Walk-In bathtub, or would like more information on how a Walk-In bathtub can improve quality of life for you or someone you love, then call G and J Enterprises today.

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