Mobility and Autonomy: How to Achieve Both with Power Seats

For the handicapped who are still capable of driving, it’s important that the climb into or out from their vehicle is not overly difficult, or even, in some case, impossible. If you or someone you love has trouble getting into or out from their vehicle because of a handicap or a physical disability, then G and J Enterprises has the solution of installed Power Seats. A Power Seat enables someone the ease of aided transfer into or out from a vehicle. The seats are made to meet a variety of disabilities, including transfer from a wheelchair. Basically, if you can safely operate a vehicle with your handicap then there should be no reason why you shouldn’t have the autonomy to be able to use that vehicle for life’s everyday scenarios. Don’t let the physical challenge of getting into a vehicle stop you from living the life you want. If you simply need a little more mobility to get into or out from a vehicle, then a powered transfer assist seat may be the right choice for you.

Power seats can be installed on any vehicle. The Glide and Go option, which is a transfer seat that requires no structural modifications at all to your present vehicle (a great option for those who simply need a bit more help maneuvering themselves). The installation of the Glide and Go seat doesn’t even require a single hole be drilled into the body or the frame of the vehicle. It has a bolt-on design that makes it simple to install, and it provides an operation that is just as simple to use: you unfold the safety arm, press a button, and you are risen assisted into your seat.

The Easy Reach Power Seat model is a powered lift chair meant for vans that are wheelchair capable. Its operation is straight-forward in that it uses the van’s front seat as the lift seat, bringing the seat down outside the van to an easy transfer height. It’s a compact lift, so it also makes available the rest of the seats within the van, so there’s still room for everyone.

If you have any questions as to how G and J Enterprises can help you achieve full autonomy with a Power Lift Seat, then call today.

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