Power Seats

Autonomy isn’t something to be taken for granted, although most of us do not consider what life would be like without our mobile independence and the autonomy to go places when we need to go. But for someone with impaired mobility, especially for the handicapped (Handicapped, although still capable of driving), it’s important to add safety features that make it easier and, in certain cases, that make it possible for a person with mobility issues to still participate in life as autonomously as possible. So, if you or someone you care about has trouble getting into or climbing out from a vehicle because of a handicap or physical disability, then it’s time to consider the addition of power seats.

A power set is a wonderful tool that helps someone transfer into or out from a vehicle with ease. And at G and J Enterprises you’ll find that the seats are built to meet the demands of a variety of disabilities, and can even help to transfer someone out from or into a wheelchair. That means that if a person can safely operate and navigate a vehicle, they can continue to do so with the addition of the power seat. You or loved ones shouldn’t have to let physical challenges or impairments prevent you or them from living with a high quality of life.

It’s simple: if you or someone you care about needs a little more mobility to get into or out from a vehicle, then a power seat is likely the perfect choice. And the power seat can literally be installed in any vehicle. There are different types, one that requires no structural modifications to the vehicle and another that is intended for wheelchair capable vans.

If have any questions about power seats, call the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises today.


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