Ramps Provide Ease of Access: Here’s How…

It may seem like a simple proposition: ramps increase mobility and quality of life for those in need of assistance. And it sounds simple because it’s true; a ramp to increase accessibility can only enhance the quality of life for someone with mobility issues. Imagine how a simple ramp can transform and make simple a two-step entry. Imagine a curb or threshold that, to add a ramp, makes such ease of entry for those with wheelchairs or scooters. Modern non-customized homes are built without these additions in mind. But G and J Enterprises understands the challenges faced by those with mobility issues, and are ready to meet most any demand.

Ramps styles include portable ramps—both single fold and multi-fold—threshold ramps, solid ramps, vehicle ramps, platforms to access a shower, and even powered ramps. The choice of style, size—width and length—are practically endless. You might even find yourself surprised at the versatility of the ramps, especially the portable ramps. The single-fold portable ramps are easy to handle and simple to set-up; it’s a quick and temporary option to increase access, and when it’s not needed it can be folded to the size of a suitcase and stored. Threshold ramps can be installed surprisingly quickly and easily, and require a few minutes of alignment and to secure it with hardware, and it’s in place. If you move, or would like to replace/store the ramp, it can as easily be removed. And inside the house, the shower platforms are wonderfully innovative, designed to provide shower access to wheelchair users who use a common non-customized shower basin. There is anti-slip traction on the deck of the platform (A feature common to custom ramps both indoor and outdoor) and the surface of the platform is perforated so that water can easily pass through.

If you have any questions about how the placement of ramps in both the inside and on the outside of your home can increase quality of life for someone with mobility issues, or if you would like to speak with the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises about the benefits of one of the many mobility products, then call today.

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