Reach Power Seat

For most of us, using a vehicle for transportation is an absolute necessity; we need to use a vehicle to get to the grocery store, the Dr.’s, the Dentist’s, the clinic. We all have places to go, and for those among us who are either handicapped or have decreased mobility, the act of driving can be impossible, and because of the obvious physical limitations, it becomes a necessity to rely on others to complete the necessary chores and appointments.

But there are options, especially for those who struggle to get into and out from the driver’s seat of a vehicle. The solution, for most cases, is going to be a power seat. A power seat eliminates the exercise of both lowering oneself into and stepping out from the driver’s seat.

It can even accommodate the transfer of a person from a wheelchair. So if you or someone you love is unable to drive, or if they have given up on the exercise of driving simply because of the mobility requirements to get into and out from a vehicle, then a power seat may be the choice for you or your loved one.

You don’t have to buy a specialized vehicle to own a power seat; a power seat can be installed on any vehicle. The “Glide and Go” power seat option requires no structural medications to a vehicle at all; it doesn’t even require a hole be drilled within the vehicle for installation.

It is a terrific choice for those who simply need a little helping hand getting into and out from the driver’s seat.

Then there is the easy Reach Power seat, which is a model best installed on a wheelchair capable van. It is a replacement for the driver’s seat of a wheelchair van, and when in use it brings the seat out to the exterior of the van and down to the level of easy transfer height.

If you have any questions about how a power seat can help you or your loved one, then call the mobility specialists at G and J Enterprises today.

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