The Importance of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

When you decide to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle, the vehicle’s size and potential options may feel overwhelming. G and J enterprises understands that everyone has different needs; mobility-related issues are inherently unique to the individual and therefore any mobility-related vehicle, device, or aid needs to be tailored to those unique needs. When it comes to vehicles, the wheelchair size is one of the most important considerations. It’s also important to know ahead of time how many occupants will routinely need to ride in the vehicle. Once you have determined the size of the vehicle you need, then consider the upgrades and the components that you would like included; most everything that goes in the vehicle is designed to increase accessibility.

One feature that separates wheelchair accessible vehicles is entry type. Vehicles are capable of entry at either the side or the rear. Would it be easier if the ramp deployed from the side door or the back? The side entry provides access to both the front passenger seats as well as to the seats in the middle. This would be a good choice if the person in the wheelchair both intended to drive and other times wanted to ride in the front. When the entry is at the rear of the vehicle, the wheelchair user won’t have access to the front of the vehicle.

When you decide it’s time for you or a loved one to have access to a wheelchair accessible van, know that there are both new and used models available. And the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises are ready to assist you in customizing the van to reflect your needs. A wheelchair accessible van can increase the independence and quality of life for someone in a wheelchair. If you have any questions about wheelchair accessible vans, then call G and J Enterprises today.


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