The Many Benefits of the Walk-In Bathtub

For anyone with challenged mobility, the bathtub can be a dangerous place. Getting into and then getting back out from the bathtub is a challenging activity, especially when the bathtub is wet and slippery. Anyone who has mobility challenges or limitations can find a perfect solution in a walk-in bathtub. It’s an especially important appliance to install when a person’s independence is at stake. When someone has lost confidence in their own mobility, or when someone’s loved ones are worried about their daily challenges with mobility, the walk-in tub helps to ease everyone’s anxieties. It’s important for everyone to feel safe within their own home. The walk-in bathtub helps to alleviate that tenuous step into or out from the shower by adding a door, which remains sealed when closed, preventing leaks.

The tubs available at G and J Enterprises are built to accommodate a variety of needs. Some tubs help to increase mobility into the shower, but still allow the tub to be sealed completely whenever someone needs to use it to soak. On many of the models there are steel handles that help to facilitate balance, and the step is low enough that virtually anyone can make it into the tub with little trouble. All tubs drain quickly, eliminating the need to wait an extended time between the end of the shower and exiting the tub. Some tubs even have an anti-scald feature.

Independence in one’s home is paramount to a high-quality of life. If you or someone you care about has challenged or limited mobility, then it might be time to consider the addition of appliances that can both make their life easier and more efficient, but also safer. If you have any questions about walk-in bathtubs, or any of the mobility-enhancing appliances offered, then call G and J enterprises today.

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