Wheelchair Users and Automobiles

It’s entirely possible for someone in a wheelchair to operate a vehicle. In fact, it’s an absolute necessity for many. And there are vehicles made especially for wheelchairs, and appliances that can be installed into existing vehicles.

There are a few options for a wheelchair user to be able to successfully operate a vehicle. First, in the driver’s seat position, the vehicle should have ample space and specialized tie downs are used so that a wheelchair user is able to sit in their chair and operate the vehicle simultaneously. The other option is to add a transfer seat from which a wheelchair user can be transferred up from their wheelchair and into the driver’s seat position of the vehicle. And when a wheelchair user is in the driver’s seat, they have access to certain customized hand controls; it’s also possible for someone with limited mobility to have specialized mechanical methods.

If you plan to use an existing vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair user, there are a few considerations. The most important aspects are headroom and interior room; these are the only things that cannot be changed or modified. And how will the vehicle be driven? Is this a vehicle to transport both the wheelchair user and their passengers, or will the wheelchair user be the sole occupant? Will it require mechanical assistance to access certain features? These are questions that present certain challenges. There are also maneuverability concerns, and spatial considerations on the size of the vehicle.

Luckily, you have the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises to help you with the purchase of your wheelchair-accessible vehicle, or with the appliances and accessories needed to accommodate a wheelchair user’s needs in an existing vehicle. If you have any questions about how to convert or customize a vehicle for a wheelchair user, or any other mobility-related appliance designed to make life easier for someone whom you care about, then call today.

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