Mobility Challenges and Winter Weather

For some, mobility is a challenge regardless the weather. When weather conditions turn wintry, cold and slick, mobility can become a dangerous challenge. But there are a few things that those who either experience mobility issues or who care for someone with mobility challenges can do to encourage safe habits.

The single most important thing within the home is to eliminate anything that poses a risk of falling. It’s important for both those who struggle with mobility and for older people. Throw rugs and other things that could catch a toe should be removed. Also, when someone steps in from the snowy walkway and tramps snow into the entryway, the melted snow can be slippery underfoot and dangerous if not wiped up immediately. Devices should also be kept in easily accessible locations, and the home should be as clean as possible to make navigation simple.

Outside, it’s incredibly important to have a plan in place to deal with the snow. When someone experiences mobility issues, it can be difficult to navigate a snowy walkway or a sidewalk that’s left slick and un-salted. Have someone reliable ready to help with snow removal and de-icing the driveway or walkup whenever possible. And when the weather turns especially cold and blustery, wet and slippery, it’s probably a good idea to stay indoors.

And regardless the weather it’s always good advice that when a person relies on mobility-assistive devices to get around in their home or navigate the conditions outside that they always use their devices. If you have any questions about how a mobility assistive device could help you or someone you care about navigate their home or the potential slippery sidewalks and walkups outdoors then call the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises today.

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