Walk-In Bathtubs: Do You Really Need One?

A walk-in tub may seem like a needless luxury. Why would you replace an appliance when the one already works just fine? But there are a few good reasons, beyond mere comfort and aesthetics (although walk-in tubs do promote both), as to why a walk-in style bathtub may be a absolute necessity for some.


A walk-in bathtub no doubt makes bathing safer for anyone. There are safety features built into a walk-in bathtub—features such as doors that can lower the risk of accidents. Doors allow easier access to the bathtub; you don’t need to step up to get into the tub. If you have balance issues getting into and out of the tub, the door feature on a walk-in tub makes bathing much safer. There are also seats and hand-held showers built into walk-in tubs. If you have mobility issues, consider how much safer it could be not to have to navigate the slippery shower floor (walk-in bathtubs also are designed with a non-slippery shower floor to limit the likelihood of an accident). Pain and discomfort oftentimes accompany mobility issues, and if someone can easily step into (instead of climb into) a bathtub, it increases that person’s quality of life.

Dignity and Self-Reliance 

If you or someone you love has mobility problems, the walk-in tub ensures that they can retain their dignity—hopefully, the walk-in tub allows a person with mobility issues to continue to shower alone—but also these types of tubs limit the hazards involved in daily life, increasing that person’s self-reliance.

Most walk-in tubs also come with therapeutic settings, and hydrotherapy-type jets can provide numerous health benefits. Water jets help to soothe aching, and ease certain pains. Hydrotherapy can improve blood circulation, reducing pain and swelling caused by conditions such as arthritis; the improved circulation also improves immunity and the promotion of an overall healthier body.

If you have any questions about how the walk-in bathtubs at G and J Enterprises can help to improve the quality of life for you or someone that you love, then call today.

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