Golf: Don’t Let Mobility Issues Keep You from the Game You Love

Golf is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, sport-pastime for people over retirement age. In fact, as a whole, Americans love the sport of golf, and it’s estimated that over twenty-five million participate in the sport every year. And while this is a testament to golf as an everyman’s sport, it unfortunately is not an everyman’s sport for those who suffer poor mobility. Even folks who have lost stamina and strength because of age, golf has become inaccessible. But there is an alternative for those who wish to continue to play, and that alternative is the Solo Rider golf cart. Yes, golf carts have been in use on and off the golf course for years and years, but none are as capable as the Solo Rider to assist those with mobility issues out on the course. Here’s how it works…

The Solo Rider is as capable on the tee as it is on the green. And it can handle the steepest of golf course terrain. It operates with hand controls, and the seat swivels to allow the golfer to access his or her ball outside the cart, while also supporting the golfer when he or she swings. It’s an amazing piece of technology that can keep a golfer playing the sport he or she loves well after he or she would have quit the sport because of poor mobility.

And the Solo Rider is also the perfect accompaniment to other types of outdoor recreation including hiking, fishing, etc. The uses for it are practically endless. A person should not have to quit the activities they love so dearly in life because they have poor mobility. So, if you have any questions as to how you or your loved one can benefit from a Solo Rider, then call the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises today.

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