Scooters and Scooter Lifts

A person with mobility issues can potentially have limitations that preclude most outdoor recreation time. A lack of independence and limitations can be debilitating, and contribute to conditions such as depression. Decreased and limited mobility are caused by a variety of causes. It can range from simple age-related causes to the complications from injury or disease. And regardless the reason, the cause doesn’t have to negate all standards that promote a higher quality of life. G and J Enterprises is ready to help with one or more mobility aids that can bolster independence and drastically improve someone’s quality of life.

For some with limited mobility, a mobility scooter can help to bolster independence and improve mental health. When you decide that a scooter will be a terrific aid for either yourself or for someone you care about, then know that the options and configurations are varied. The first consideration is terrain; if the scooter will never leave blacktop, then you’ll likely choose a different model than if the scooter would occasionally traverse a well-groomed nature trail. There are even scooters that are robust enough to traverse the varied terrain on the golf course. There are also choices for safety features.

When you do decide to purchase the scooter, it’s also possible to include a scooter lift. It’s an invaluable addition if you or the person you care about plans to take the scooter in their vehicle. When you choose the model of scooter lift, it will invariably be a choice with the model best-suited for the type of vehicle you plan to use when you transport the scooter. And it will be a good idea to either train yourself or encourage the person you care about to receive training to use the scooter lift before taking it out without help. Practice with the functions of both the scooter and the scooter lift will only help to make it a safer and more enjoyable experience.

If you have any questions about scooters or scooter lifts, or would like to speak with the mobility specialists at G and J Enterprises about one of the many other mobility aids available, then call today.

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