Golf Carts

It’s almost springtime, which makes it a terrific time to discuss golf carts. Golf carts can be a terrific mobility aid both on and off the golf course. Golf carts are terrific tools used at airports, hotels, hospitals, and even throughout local neighborhoods. If you live near or on your favorite golf course, it’s possible to drive your own golf cart from your garage to the pro shop and tee box daily.

Golf is a terrific sport, and one of its biggest advantages as a hobby is that almost anyone can participate. It’s a low impact sport; it does take some physical effort to swing a golf club and to walk or ride (In your personal cart) either nine or the full eighteen holes. The pacing between shots and tee boxes is also rather leisurely, and in addition to the game you get the chance to enjoy the verdant colors on fairways and close-cropped greens.

And the exercise will only bolster good heath; the movements required to swing a golf club and to walk will strengthen the muscles and improve the blood flow. It’s even possible for those with impaired mobility to participate (for those too challenged to walk the course, G and J Enterprise can likely help). There are models of golf carts that enable and assist those with mobility issues to both rise out from or lower themselves back into their golf cart. There are even appliances that can assist wheel-chair users on the course.

If you have any questions about how G and J Enterprises can help you or someone you care for get out on the golf course this summer, then call today.

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