Golf Carts and Mobility

For a person who experiences mobility issues, golf carts are a terrific tool. Golf carts can assist people at hotels, in airports, through hospital hallways, on neighborhood sidewalks, and, of course, on a golf course. And some laws make it imperative that golf courses permit the use of personally-owned specialized golf carts that help bolster a patron’s mobility.

Golf is a terrific sport that almost anyone can participate in. It’s low impact, and, while it does require some physical effort to walk (or ride) either 9 or 18 holes, it’s done at a very leisurely pace, moving from shot-to-shot-, hole-to-hole.

The sport provides time in the outdoors on beautifully green fairways and putting greens. It’s great exercise that can increase blood flow and flexibility, and bolster strength. And there are mental benefits as well. For instance, because the game of golf requires considerable attention and focus, it helps to keep the mind alert. And when a golfer plays a round with others, he or she participates socially, which is vitally important to mental well-being.

And it’s a terrific sport for the elderly, because it is a sport that’s easy enough to learn the both the rules and physical mechanics, but the game itself is (for us mortals) impossible to completely master; and studies have shown that those who continue to learn and grow with certain activities are stronger cognitively.

And when we look at the sport of golf especially, certain models of golf carts can even help a golfer who’s unable to stand and play the game. Golf carts can assist those unable to walk and stand; there are models that offer swing-out support, and others that enable wheelchair users to participate in the game. With the help of G and J Enterprises, anyone can get out on the course and enjoy and appreciate the sport of golf.

And if you have any questions about how the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises can help either you or someone you love to get out on the course, then call today.

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