Mobility Scooters

When a person is struck suddenly with mobility issues it can be incredibly difficult both physically and mentally. Mobility issues limit autonomy and independence. Imagine decades spent in the same property and suddenly a portion of it becomes inaccessible. And it can be difficult for family and friends to see a loved one struck suddenly with mobility issues.

When mobility issues are related to aging, and the process of decreased mobility has been gradual, it’s difficult to know what is the right course of aid or intervention, and when is the right time to speak with loved ones about it. One solution is a mobility scooter. It’s a terrific aid for those who are healthy enough to us it. And it’s a great option for both someone with gradually declining mobility issues and someone struck suddenly due to accident, injury, surgery, etc. It could be just the aid a person needs to regain autonomy.

To begin to choose a scooter model, it’s a good idea to first decide on the terrain on which the scooter will have to navigate. If it’s all indoor use and the occasional jaunt on smooth concrete, the scooter you choose will likely be different than one built for trail and outdoor application. Indoor models are lightweight and are capable of making tight turns, navigating narrow places.

In all designs, a braking system that is both smooth and simple to operate will make the scooter far safer’ the rider will appreciate the confidences from a reliable machine. A scooter that’s designed to be robust-enough to handle light duty trail work will be heavier. You can also purchase non-tip wheels for the scooter.

In addition to a scooter, you may also want to purchase a scooter lift, which makes transportation of the machine a simple process. If you have any questions about how a scooter, or any of the mobility-saving devices offered at G and J Enterprises, can improve mobility, then call today.

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