The Importance of Ramps

Ramps are a tool that can completely change navigation for the mobility impaired. We use ramps in public because ramps help to grant access to everyone. Most commercial stores and government buildings use ramps to increase access to everyone. At home a ramp can mean easy access to all areas; it can mean independence and it can mean safety. When a person has decreased mobility, regardless the reason, the installation of a ramp could mean instant autonomy. Even the shortest set of stairs can be a barrier for someone with impaired mobility. But a ramp removes the barrier. A ramp could instantly increase someone’s quality of life.

There are numerous styles and sizes of ramp. Some ramps are easy to setup and takedown and quickly portable, while others are installed and rather permanent (Although every ramp can be removed and taken to a new location). Some ramps are terrific at helping the mobility impaired get into and out from a vehicle, while others are as simple as helping someone get into and out from the bathtub.

A single-fold ramp is a ramp that is portable; it’s easy to setup and easy to take down. It’s a quick and sometimes temporary solution. It’s an especially important style of ramp when the ramp cannot be a permanent fixture. The single fold ramp can be transported easily, and most anyone can install it on site.

The threshold ramp is an appliance that is better suited to a permanent, or long-term location. The threshold ramp is installed with hardware, but that hardware can be removed and re-installed at a different location; whether a person plans to remain in their home for longer periods or whether they rent shouldn’t determine whether or not appliances such as ramps are used to increase their independence and autonomy.

If you have any questions about ramps or any other appliance that can help you or someone you care about live independently regardless of mobility-related issues, then call the mobility experts at G and J Enterprises today.

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