Autonomy-Quarantine and Social Distancing

These last few months have been difficult for many. For the seniors in our community, months of quarantine and fear of leaving the house may have presented certain challenges within the house.

It’s possible that social distancing and other measures meant to keep seniors safe have isolated them in their homes where they may have trouble living independently. There are a few ways to help those we love and care about remain independent and healthy, both mentally and physically, while everywhere we endure hard times.

It’s possible that a helpful reminder can change someone’s outlook on the day. Remind those we love that a little bit of exercise will bolster their physical skills but also help to bolster someone’s mental well-being. It’s been proven that the hormones associated with exercise will help to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

And while you and the ones you care about discuss the options for the day, keep the dialogue open; he or she may feel nervous about certain activities, especially performing them alone, and having someone with whom they can confide and discuss options with could do wonders for the outlook of their day. For instance, a person may be comfortable and even enjoy sweeping or vacuuming, but to mop the floors makes them nervous because there is a chance of slipping.

And if you or someone you love has trouble living alone, navigating the tub or ascending/descending stairs, then the mobility professionals at G and J Enterprises can help. At G and J Enterprises you can find tub inserts that allow a person to step through a small door into the tub, rather than have to lift a leg over the top.

You can find stair lifts that allow those with impaired mobility to have full, unimpaired access to the entire home. Don’t let impaired mobility ruin either you or your loved one’s independence. If you have any questions about how G and J Enterprises can help you or the ones you care about then call today.



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