Maintaining Mobility and Bolstering Mobility

It can be difficult to maintain mobility as we age. People like to say that age is nothing more than a number, but that isn’t always true. In fact, as we age it becomes extremely evident that regular activity and mobility are more difficult, and mobility is the number one major factor in retaining independence. But there are ways to bolster your mobility, and if you have challenged mobility or have lost mobility due to age-related factors or injury then G and J Enterprises can help.

If you have the ability to walk then continue to walk. Walking is the easiest and most efficient way to stay active. It’s easy to take a walk, and if you have trouble finding time to take a walk try to incorporate the walk into your daily routine. If you live near the grocery store then consider walking instead of driving (Assuming you have a short grocery list that isn’t too much to carry on the way back). If your living arrangement is built around driving everywhere (If you live out of town or far from your usual shopping areas) you could even be mindful enough to park far enough away from the store, church, etc., and walk the extra distance, assuming it’s not too cold or the sidewalk/parking lot isn’t icy and difficult to navigate.

Another method of staying active is to find a hobby. A hobby is terrific for mental health; people who learn new things later in life ward off the ill effects of brain disease and other cognitive issues longer than those who don’t. A hobby will also keep you more active and attentive.

If you or someone you care about has challenged mobility and could benefit from a mobility aid then don’t hesitate. Mobility enhancements can only bolster quality of life and increase independence. If you have any questions about how G and J Enterprises can help you or someone you care about, then call today.

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