Mobility Scooters and Scooter Lifts

It can be difficult when an active person is suddenly struck with mobility issues; it can be debilitating both physically and mentally for the person struck suddenly with mobility issues. It can also be a jarring moment for that person’s family and friends: it’s difficult to see someone you care about struck with mobility issues. But it’s an unfortunate fact of aging, and even the most active among us will increasingly become less active with age. And age-related mobility problems can slowly creep up, increasing month-to-month, year-to-year, until it’s difficult to keep up with daily activities, and take part in social outings. And for someone who’s experiencing a decrease in mobility, a scooter might be just the perfect mobility aid to keep him or her on their feet.

When you go to choose a scooter, the particulars of operation/accessories are varied. First, you should consider the terrain on which the scooter will most routinely be driven. If the scooter is only to be inside, a scooter that is light in weight and easily maneuverable will be the choice; a scooter meant to be driven on asphalt or concrete, routinely, or a scooter that is to be used on a light-duty trail, might need to be a more robust in build. There are also weight capacities to consider. Safety features in scooters are varied, but non-tip wheels are a good choice, and a brake that is simple and reliable to operate is paramount.

The second device to consider when you go to purchase a scooter is a scooter lift. If you plan to take the scooter in your vehicle, then a scooter lift is probably a great choice. Types of scooter lifts vary, but it should be built for or adaptable to the vehicle you plan to drive. And if you have any questions about how a scooter lift works, or if you would like to speak with the mobility specialists at G and J enterprises about a new lift, or any other mobility aid/device, then call today.

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