It’s an unfortunate process: the body breaks down with age. And the breakdown often does lead to issues with mobility. The severity of the mobility issues inherent with elderly patients varies, and is usually dependent on a wide range of factors that could include neurological disorder, genetics, muscle weakness, joint tenderness, and general soreness and stiffness. One issue that most all elderly patients experience is a lack of a decreased ability to remain steady. Unsteadiness is a problem for many. For instance, a patient who suffers a regular unsteadiness when they rise up from or lower themselves into a chair, navigate stairs, step into or out from a bathtub, etc.

The most dangerous aspect of decreased or impaired mobility is the potential for a fall. Even a simple stumble can be devastating for an elderly patient. A simple fall could break a bone, cause pain and bruising and soreness, and even force a perceptual decrease in confidence in ability. A person who worries about the potential for a fall could retract from social obligation and limit independence, decreasing quality of life substantially.

An injury could also force new and possibly dangerous medical issues; a fall could cause a patient to develop blood clots and circulatory problems, loss of strength and flexibility, the development of ulcers, and even develop illness. And for a patient who worries about the potential for a fall, or who has retracted from a social life, it’s important that a physical life, within reason, be encouraged. Activity strengthens the body and builds confidence. Yes, a patient may have mobility-related issues that require assistance, and if you or someone you love needs assistance to remain independent and active, then the mobility experts and G and J Enterprises are ready to help. If you have any questions about the broad range of products that could become a potential solution for the mobility issues experienced by you or by someone you love, then call today.

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