Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles And Other Mobility-Related Gift Ideas

The gift of mobility is one not easily forgotten. Mobility aids are terrific gifts for those who struggle with mobility; a mobility aid can truly bolster their independence. There are a wide-range of vehicles and aids that can help people who have limited mobility. Here are a few terrific gift ideas to brighten the Christmas of someone you care about.

Hand controls are a terrific option for a wheelchair user who wants to be independent and drive. Hand controls help a wheelchair user operate both the gas and brake pedals, using strategic levers. There are different types and styles suitable for a wide-range of users. Hand controls are an absolute game changer for the wheelchair user who wants more independence.

If the person you care about is in a wheelchair and doesn’t have a wheelchair accessible van, then there is no better time, poised as the season is on the cusp of winter. Vans can accommodate users as either a side-entry or a rear-entry, and the style and layout will depend on the user’s needs as well as any other passenger and storage requirements.

In addition to vehicles, there are a host of mobility aids that can be installed in a vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair or someone with limited mobility. Power wheelchair lifts can be installed on almost any applicable vehicle and work with either rear or side-entry vehicles. In addition to being wheelchair compatible, there are lifts designed to successfully lift and stow a scooter, which could be an absolute life changer for anyone who wants increased independence and who uses a scooter to complete the shopping or when spending time outdoors.

G and J Enterprises has a mobility aid for either you or someone you care about. If you have any questions about any of these products, or if you would like to speak with a mobility professional about a mobility aid for the home, vehicle, etc., then call G and J Enterprises today.

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