When It’s Difficult to Social Distance…

Unfortunately, one of the difficulties of social distancing is that it places those who are most vulnerable in a position of isolation. So many count on others for support, and it’s important that we make the distinction between social distancing and isolation. For those who have impaired mobility, isolation can be dangerous and could lead to accident or injury; they could also become distant and withdrawn, conditions leading to deteriorating mental health.

This winter as social activities move indoors, it’s important to remember those in our lives who rely on our support. If there is any way to improve their home’s layout to improve their quality of life, it’s a good idea to do it now, before it becomes an issue later. If someone relies on a caretaker and that caretaker becomes sick, or is unable to help due to life conditions, then the inherent challenges of everyday life won’t pose as much a problem. The addition of ramps where there are difficult steps, and bathtubs that allow step-in instead of step-over access can only bolster independence. For those who live in homes with two levels, a chair lift will provide a safe option for transportation between the floors.

Hopefully you and your loved ones are safe and secure this winter season. Remember the importance of independence, and the unique opportunities G and J Enterprises can help you provide that can only bolster the independence of someone you care for. If you have any questions about how G and J Enterprises can help you, then call today.

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